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This post is mostly for reference for a new OC I'm making but go ahead and tell me what you think xD Read more...Collapse )

Sep. 5th, 2009

well well it's me again : Ic soob

I've decided to make this account into a sketch blog instead :T since.. yeah

:'D ok thats all i needed to say~ lol

dude I ttly forgot about this account.... LOL

ahaha yes well while I was gone I went to japan and uhh school? :'DD



Why must all things good come to an end?!!

Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou FINISHED at ep 13

Kuroshitsuji FINISHED at ep 24

ok useless journal was useless


I saw the leagend of chun-li and it

that's all I have to say about it

What's up with me and uhh 2 drawings darjno one's for you so you better look >:0Collapse )

umm also I need some help with the pen pressure sensitivity for my tablet (Wacom Bamboo fun) I've been using a new laptop for a while and the pressure sensitivity works fine for my other comp but not my laptop =w= so I kinda forgot how to adjust it (I need it to change for my corel painter) if anyone knows the answer then plz tell me ;w;


haha I actually have a lot to update about but I'll do that over the weekend~

Oh! And sorry if I haven't been replying to any of your guys journals! It's just been a very busy week =w=

meme under the cut~Collapse )

btw that Miles icon I have, I truly believe that, that is the best Edgeworth I have ever drawn... I mean just look at the expression and detail to the hair and ruffles
wow I sometimes doubt I drew that piece of man beef.


Oh my geez :)

haha I should really use LJ more huh?

click for some cosplay and other goods 8DCollapse )

Tegaki is slowing taking my life away ;A;
funny story actually

on Monday while walking to class I found a dollar and said "today's gonna be a good day" then later in P.E. we were playing soccer and I tripped on the soccer ball and fell and my leg was bleeding ;A; it was so groooooossssss. (I'm afraid of the human body lol) So the rest of day I was walking around like a penguin because of my bruises and when I got to art class I find out that my 50 shirts had arrived

More info on what I mean by 50 shirts are under this cut and also some doodles and what notCollapse )

oh and maybe some of you have noticed that my journal isn't F-locked anymore well there many different reasons for that :I

>:I Happy -late- loners day

why is it that when ever I try super hard on a picture then no one likes it but when I don't even try to make the picture look nice then everyone is in love with it?

There is something wrong with me.

alkjdshgjsahgklsadhfi I can't WAIT until Kawaii-Kon I'm going to cosplay as Seychelles (APH) and Maya (PW) *w* at least I'm pretty sure I am

well I've been doing some drawing lately soooo

I wonder what's under this cut ;0Collapse )


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